Richard Branson enjoying the GR20 North

Sir Richard Branson hikes the GR20 North

‘Strive’ is the name of a challenge, a month long adventure that started in Southern Sardinia, crossed Corsica, via the GR20 North and finished on the summit of Mont Blanc.

Richard Branson on GR20 North

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Ciottolu di Mori – Mountain Refuge

Ciottolu di Mori - Mountain Refuge

At 2000m altitude, this refuge nestles at the foot of the Paglia Orba and the Tafunatu.  It  has been completely refurbished, it is particularly clean and there are no bed bugs!

Img 20181008 wa0006

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Snow Update Breche de Capitello

23rd June 2018 – Snow Update

Bocca Alle Porte 2225m (Breche de Capitello)

After an amazing day out on the GR20 North, I thought it would be a good idea to share this photo. There is immense discussion and doubt about the amount of snow up there at the moment, so  here it is! This photo was taken walking north towards Manganu refuge, looking back towards the breche.

Breche de Capitello

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The Highest Summits in Corsica - Vizzavona Hotel Review

Corsica is the Mediterranean island that has the highest average altitude. It boasts 120 summits above 2000m. The  central summit the Monte d’Oro is 2400m high and dominates Vizzavona.

Vizzavona Hotel


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14th June 2018 - The opening of the Cirque of Solitude

During the last two years, there has been pressure put on the  authorities to re-open the cirque. It was always considered the highlight of the two week hike. It has taken several visits by expert geological teams,  lengthy evaluation and discussion before the official ban has been lifted.

Gr20 cirque de la solitude

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Snow on the GR20 – 30th May 2018

It’s the end of May and the guardians have  gone up to the refuges to get ready for the season.  Each refuge organizes  helicopter drops and journeys with mules to stock up on food and provisions. 

If you are doing the trail early this summer your burning question, will no doubt be ‘What’s the snow like?’

Snow on GR20

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