« La Terre des Dieux » Ultra-Trail across Corsica’s most Dramatic Summits

This is excellent news for Ultra trailers all over the world.  The year 2020 is the year that the organisation ‘Mantinum’ will see this great project take place.

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On the 2nd January 2020 there was a much awaited press announcement that confirmed the race would take place and made the event official.  The race incorporates 160km along the GR20, there are 26 summits between 1300m and 2600m altitude to cross and over 12,000m total altitude gain. 

There is already a successful ultra trail in Corsica, it’s the Ultra-Trail (UTC) 110km organised by the ‘Restonica Trail.’ However, the Terre des Dieux is the only event that will take place entirely on the mythical GR20 paths.

The GR20 already has the reputation of being the best and hardest long distance mountain walk in the world.  The men that have dominated this sport have all come to Corsica to run and to set records. The record holders include Kilian Jornet,  Guillaume Peretti and François d’Haene who have completed the entire trail in around the 32 hour mark! Hopefully, this race will attract runners who live in Corsica, as well as French nationals, Europeans and international participants.

Francois d haene bat le record du gr20 en corse

On the 23rd July, some 500 runners will set off on the 160km race. The terrain is varied and takes in the maquis, pine tree forests and rough granite peaks, the pleasure is guaranteed. Each runner will be equipped with a GPS and will have access to 6 recuperation stations and 12 food/ drink stations. The maximum amount of time given to complete the itinerary is 72 hours (3 days)


Terre des dieux denivele

It’s the first time that a race of this magnitude and distance has been organised in Corsica. So where are we with the question of respecting the environment? Is there not the risk that such a volume of people is going to have a negative impact on a site that is already fragile.

The organiser, Mantinum has said that they take the environmental issues extremely seriously.  They have signed a convention with the PNRC the National Regional Corsican Park to ensure they uphold standards, to manage the waste generated and to manage the impact correctly.

It is possible to reserve a place from 14h00 on the 30th January 2020 using this site: https://krono.corsica/index.php


The Rendez-vous for the departure is the 23rd July at Calenzana.

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The number of participants is limited, in order to be able to successfully manage the frequentation of people, in a popular summer month, when there is already a large volume of walkers.

Trailers need to justify that they are up to it, by showing that they have completed a 100km race in the past 2 years.

The convention between the park and Mantinum is available at this website.  



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