A new IGN Map for the GR20

Instead of setting out with seven maps in your rucksack, now you can have the whole of the GR20 on just one map.  IGN published this new map on the 2nd March 2020.  The scale is 1/50 000 – 1cm = 500m.


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Cristina completed the GR20 Solo, Bravo!

Cristina took two weeks to complete the trek from North to South. It was quite an exploit, she told us about the challenges of her trek at this time of year (29 May 2019).



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« La Terre des Dieux » Ultra-Trail across Corsica’s most Dramatic Summits

This is excellent news for Ultra trailers all over the world.  The year 2020 is the year that the organisation ‘Mantinum’ will see this great project take place.

Affiche terre des dieux 2021


On the 2nd January 2020 there was a much awaited press announcement that confirmed the race would take place and made the event official.  The race incorporates 160km along the GR20, there are 26 summits between 1300m and 2600m altitude to cross and over 12,000m total altitude gain. 

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Ultra Trail on the GR20 ! It's the first!

Have you always dreamt of participating in a competition on the mythic GR20? For the first time it is going to be possible mid June 2020.

Trail gr20 2020



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Kilian Jornet Comes to Corsica for the GR20 record

13,000m altitude gain and descent, 200kms distance, 33hrs  relentless, extreme mental and physical effort.
Kilian Jornet Corsica


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