Covid-19 restrictions?


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I am planning to travel to Corsica and walk the GR20 between September 15 and 30. Now just a few days ago, Corsica was declared a "risk region" by the German government. Now I became anxious whether I should stick to my plans and just do it or not.

Does anyone know anything about the current situation there? Especially I would like to know:
* Are the refuges open and in service?
* Can I buy food there (at least every now and then)?
* Can I put up my tent there (which I bring along myself)?
* How about public transport? Are the public buses from Bastia to Ste Lucie (Conca) and the trains or buses from Calvi to Bastia running regularly?

Please answer soon, I will need to make a decision within the next 1 or 2 days! Thank you in advance.


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