GR20 from South to north

Elena Seselgyte
Elena Seselgyte

On 09/05/2018 at 16:48 Quote this message

Dear fellows,

I am commitedto do the GR20 in the middle of June. However, I have much more time than needed- 3 weeks in total. Also to be mentioned, that I am going to carry everything myself because of the tight budget:)
My questions would be:
1. Is it complicated to hitch-hike from Figari airport until Conca?
2. Can I rely on the road markings or should I buy the map? If I should buy one, could someone send me the best link for that?
3. What is the basic budget I must have for one day?

I am very grateful for everyone who will take time to answer my questions!
Have a very beautiful day:)

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