Petra Piana to Onda

Stage profile

Petra Piana to l'Onda (by the ridge high level)

Estimated time: 4h00

Altitude gain: + 390m

Altitude loss  - 800m

L'onda to Petra Piana (by the ridge high level)

Estimated time: 4h30

Altitude gain: + 800m

Altitude loss: - 390m

Comment on the stage (north to south)

There are two ways of getting to l’Onda from Petra Piana, either by a high ridge walk, or via the valley, which takes an hour longer. For the valley option, you drop steeply down from the refuge to the Bergeries de Gialgu. You follow the river downstream until eventually you pass into a wooded area. There are some beautiful rock pools. You might want to call into the Bergerie de Tolla where they sell refreshments, first class charcuterie and cheese. At the Plle de Tolla bridge, you cross over and head uphill for a good 3kms to the Bergeries de l’Onda.

For the ridge walk GR20 high level variante. This is  not advised in bad weather or high winds. It is a stunning, exposed and technical ridge walk. It is high, airy and rough underfoot. You will need your hands in places. You head directly south along the Serra Bianca ridge to the summit at 2021m Pnte de Pinzi Corbini. This classic ridge walk is an absolute delight.  





low level, bergerie de Tolla. high option, no water

Highest Point

Altitude max

2021 Pinzi Corbini (high option)

Point of interest


High level, ridge walk. Low level numerous rock pools

Night stop


Bergeries de l’Onda

Map of the stage


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