To see on the GR20

What to see during this trekking? The GR20 is a unique experience, you will take full view from more than 180km. In the heart of the Corsican mountains, you will reach by walking to extraordinary places. Here are the essential places of the GR20 not to be missed.

The Spasimata Swing Brigde

The Spasimata swing bridge is a beauty spot. This big bouncy bridge takes you across the Spasimata river. The slabs of granite lead into a stunning enclosed ravine as the GR20 makes its way towards the Muvrella mountain.

Capitellu and Melo lakes

These are two beautiful glacier lakes situated one above the other at the top of the Restonica Gorge. The lower lake, Melo earns its name from its shape, which is that of an apple. It is situated at 1710m and is 20m at its deepest point. It is frozen for 8 months of the year.

Cascades des Anglais

The Cascades des Anglais is a series of rock pools and chutes of water that make up the river l’Agnone.

Les Aiguilles de Bavella

The Col de Bavella is a road pass that is situated at 1218m altitude. It is marked by a statue of Notre Dame des Neiges, there is a panorama of granite peaks and forests.

Lac de Nino

The Lac de Nino lake is situated between Castel di Vergio hotel and Manganu refuge. It is the source of the Tavignano river, situated between Castel di Vergio hotel and Manganu refuge, it has a surface area of 6.5 ha.

Breche de Capitello

The Breche de Capitello is a high mountain pass, situated at 2200m. It is a spectacular view point and can be snowed in early June.

The Monte Cinto

The Monte Cinto is the highest summit on the island, it is 2706m alt. It is accessible from both the Niolu valley and Haut Asco.