Bavella to Conca

Stage profile

Bavella to Conca

Conca to Bavella

Estimated time: 7hrs

Altitude gain: +700m

Altitude loss: -1670m

Distance: 19km

Estimated time: 7hrs

Altitude gain: +1670 m.

Altitude loss: -700m

Distance: 19km

Comment on the stage (north to south)

From Bavella, the road drops down from the col to the lower gite where there is a good spring. You head off through the pine trees and make your way  up to the col, called Foce Finosa. A  scenic trail will lead you to the small refuge of Paliri. It is well forested but with some steep and rugged bits. From Paliri onwards, it gets a lot more open and a lot hotter as you get to the lower slopes. This is the last stage and it’s mostly downhill all the way!

Changing vegetation as you come out of the mountains. Granite rock gives way to sandy paths, the maquis is higher, lusher and greener  in these lower zones. You will pass by the Capeddu ruines and Bocca d’Usciolu, finishing up at 252m in the sleepy village of Conca.



Arrivee gr20


Spring - Water at Bavella and just before Paliri refuge.


Highest Point – Foce Finosa 1206m.


Point of interest – Striking airy views of rocky towers and the approaching coastline.


Nightspot - Conca village.