Carrozzu to Haut Asco

Stage profile

Carrozzu to Haut Asco

Estimated time: 5h30

Altitude gain: +860m

Altitude loss: -710m

Haut Asco to Carrozzu

Estimated time: 5h00

Altitude gain: +710m

Altitude loss: -860m


Comment on stage (north to south)

Carozzu refuge, is where one of the scenes in the famous French film ‘Les Randonneurs’ was filmed. Shortly after you set out, you come to a swing bridge. This is a great spot for a swim. Once across, you head up river all the way to a small lake, called Muvrella. A steep narrow corridor comes out at Bocca Di Stagnu. You stay on the high ground until you see below the car park and buildings that comprise Ascu Stagnu.

A steep descent that will take you a couple of hours leads to a forest track, where there is a row of unusual ski chalets bordering just above the ski station, your night stop.

Carozzu ascu



No spring water, take all you need

Highest point

Altitude max

2010m Bocca di Stagnu

Point of interest


La Muvrella ridge

Night stop


Haut Asco

Carte carrozzu asco

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