Ciottulu di i Mori to Manganu

Stage profile

Ciottulu to Manganu

Estimated time: 9h00 +

Altitude gain: + 650m

Altitude loss: - 1050m

Manganu to Ciottulu

Estimated time: 9h00+

Altitude gain: + 1050m

Altitude loss: - 650m

Ciottulu manganu 1

Comment on stage (north to south)

This is a long day but you can add in a night stop at Castel di Vergio if you want to break it up and take advantage of the many services on offer here.  

From Ciottulu you follow a ridge in a southerly direction. On a clear day the views are breathtaking, you can see the outline of the indented western coastline. You drop down off the ridge into the base of the valley and follow the river Golu downstream. Shortly after Radule shepherd’s cabin you veer off into the woods for a final two kilometers. The trail meets a road and the Castel di Vergio hotel, gite and camping is situated close by.

From the hotel, you follow the trail up to Bocca San Pedru and the Lac de Nino. There is a spring at the lake but it is not always running. Continue on, after 3kms  you will arrive at a plateau. On the nearside is a working shepherd, the cabin is called the Berg de Vaccaghia and opposite on the far side of the plateau, is the refuge, Manganu.  It is worth calling in at Vaccaghja to buy a cheese!

Ciottulu manganu



Possibly at Lac de Nino

Highest Point

Altitude max


Point of interest


The lovely idyllic setting of Nino lake with its runnels of water and roaming horses. Vaccaghja, a working goat shepherd.

Night stop


Manganu Refuge.

Carte ciottulu manganu

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