Col de Verde to Usciolu

Stage profile

Col de Verde to Usciolu

Usciolu to Col de Verde

Estimated time: 7h30

Altitude gain: + 1290m

Altitude loss  - 830m

Estimated time: 7h30

Altitude gain: + 830m

Altitude loss: - 1290m

Comment on the stage (north to south)

Today, is  difficult and exposed but  a truly magnificent, long ridge walk. From the refuge, it will take 2h00 to get up to the ridge line. You will skirt around the base of the Punta Cappella summit 2041m. For the next two hours you are on the ridge, it alternates between the East and West side. You will make your way to the Col de Laporo. This is a liason point with the ‘Mare a Mare’ path that gives access to Cozzano village or Catastaghju, if you need to come of the trail and drop down.

After Punta Mozza you will be back up on the ridge and take in a series of summits, you chop and change to and from the different sides of the ridge and have to go around Monte Formicola before enjoying the last section of the ridge. Usciolu refuge is about 60m below the ridge line.

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