Crocce to Asinau

Stage profile

Crocce to Asinau


Asinau to Crocce

Estimated time: 4h00

Altitude gain: +665m

Altitude loss: -545m

Estimated time: 4h00

Altitude gain: +545m

Altitude loss: - 665m


This stage is also relatively new. From Berg de Croce you soon gain height and pull up to Bocca di Chiralba (1743) Continue heading up to a ridge called the ‘Crete de Paiana Longa.’

You will arrive at an altitude of  2029m, there is an  intersection with the old GR20 that will lead up to the Monte Alcudina. (optional summit) Your trail topples off the ridge and heads down the mountain flank, beware it’s a 500m worth of long descent, so you have to pace yourself. The Asinau refuge will come into view. The refuge was victim to a fire and has for the most part burnt down. The park has installed a mess tent for catering and offers two man tents.

Information about the stage

Spring : no water.


Highest point : 2025 m Bocca Stazzunara.


Point of interest : Alcudini ridge.


Nighspot : Asinau refuge.

Map of stage 14