From Petra Piana to Onda

Stage profile

Petra Piana to l'Onda (by the ridge high level)

Estimated time: 4h00

Altitude gain: + 390m

Altitude loss  - 800m

L'onda to Petra Piana (by the ridge high level)

Estimated time: 4h30

Altitude gain: + 800m

Altitude loss: - 390m

Comment about the stage (North to South)

Advice and precautions: 2 possible routes for this stage, by the ridges or by the valley. The first is not recommended in case of wind, but also at the start of the season because you will be faced with snow-covered corridors.

Short description of the stage: going down into an alder forest, you can stop at the sheepfolds of Ghjalgu to taste local cheese. Along the Manganellu, you will find another sheepfold which offers cheeses and cold meats, the sheepfold of Tolla. After crossing the footbridge, you begin the ascent in a beech forest to reach the refuge of Onda.


Petra piana onda

No Water

2020m Punta di i Corbini

Ridges Walk

Onda Sheepfold

Map of the stage