L'Onda to Vizzavona

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Onda to Vizzavona

Vizzavona to Onda

Estimated time : 7h30

Altitude gain : + 990 m.

Altitude loss : - 1500 m.

Estimated time : 7h.

Altitude gain : + 1 500 m.

Altitude loss : - 990 m.

You re-trace your steps back up to the ridge and follow it all the way up to the Muratello breche, a lovely viewpoint. Here, you topple over to the Vizzavona side of the mountain. As you walk down, you will meet up with the path that comes off the Monte d’Oro summit.  Continue down following the Agnone river towards the famous Cascade des Anglais. If you are heading for accommodation at the col you can branch off towards the old fort marked ‘Anc Fort Rne’ on your maps.  If not, continue all the way down towards the railway station. At the bridge, there is a snack bar open in season.


 Spring : No water


 Highest Point : 2200m.


 Point of interest : Beautiful scenery that changes all the time.


 Night stop : Gites, hotels and camping at Vizzavona.