Ortu di u Piobbu to Carrozzu

Stage profile

Orto di U Piobbu to Carrozzu

Estimated time : 6h30

Altitude gain : +750m

Altitude loss : -1050m

Carrozzu to Orto di u Piobbu

Estimated time: 7h30

Altitude gain: +1050m

Altitude loss: -750m


Comment on stage (north to south)

If you have not already filled up your water bottle, a spring is situated close to the refuge, as you set out. Today, is particularly varied  incorporating  a mix of terrain. You have to cross an open area of shingle like terrain before entering a cirque area.  You cross into it at 1950m at Bocca di Pisciaghja and will progress around a semi circular route to arrive at a col opposite. You leave the cirque and head downhill steeply to arrive at your night stop Carrozzu.

Ortu carrozu



Leccia Rossa (3h30 from the refuge)

Highest Point

Altitude max

2020m Bocca di Pisciaghja

Point of interest


Bocca di Pisciaghja good photo spot



Carrozzu refuge

Carte ortu carrozzu

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