Usciolu to Crocce

Stage profile

Usciolu to Crocce

Crocce to Usciolu

Estimated time: 5h30

Altitude gain: + 340m

Altitude loss: - 640m

Estimated time: 5h30

Altitude gain: + 640m

Altitude loss: - 340m

Comment on the stage (north to south)

This stage is relatively new, the trail used to  follow a ridge walk up to the Alcudine Summit. However, it now incorporates the lovely lush and unusual Cuscionu plateau.

From the refuge you make your way back up onto the ridge. There is a long and scenic section that comes out at  Bocca de l’Agnone,which is the junction point with the old and new GR. The new path heads in a South Westerly direction onto the plateau. There are several bergeries dotted about the plateau that have been transformed into accommodations, notably Bassetta, Matalza and Croce.

Spring : No water.


Highest point : 1836 m.


Point of interest : Scadatta ridge.


Nighspot : Refuge de Matalza or Croci.

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