Castel di Vergio hotel

Castel di Vergio hotel, gite and camping

The hotel is situated below the Col de Vergio at 1400m altitude. The hotel was originally built as a small ski resort. Today, it is the summer season and the GR20 that brings in clients, the hotel has evolved accordingly.  It is an absolute hub of activity, practically every walker wants to stop at Castel, it’s a really great place to meet,  walkers  swap tips and trail stories.  There is something for every budget, camping, gite and hotel rooms.

Gite facilities and shop

There are 70 places in the gite, small dormitories, good showers and toilets, lots of hot water and good bunk beds. There are kitchen facilities, a washing machine and a dryer. There is a small shop that offers a well stocked selection of food and toiletries.

Inside the hotel

There is a great bar that is very welcoming, so long as you leave your rucksacks and water bottles outside. After days out with spartan choices, it is quite mesmerizing to have such a choice of  ice-creams, magnums, tiramisus and homemade raspberry charlottes. Not only can you indulge in a little bit of sweetness, you can plug in your telephone and charge up your battery.

If you want a 3 course meal, there is a great bar and restaurant. It is one of the rare hotel restaurants where you will find people dressed in lycra tops and bottoms. The food is good, the service prompt and the ambiance jovial.

The bedrooms, there are 29 comfortable bedrooms with balconies, en suite shower and tv.

Chambre castel di vergio hotel

“I can’t recommend this night stop enough, I booked a bedroom in advance and it was the best thing I could have done. Having the space to empty my rucksack and re-pack it on the balcony was good. A long, hot shower, followed by a good stretch was so beneficial.  Most of all, I needed that good night’s sleep, with a firm mattress and silence, I woke up feeling rested and ready for action. Happy walker!”

If you are thinking twice about splashing out, remember, this could make all the difference to finishing what you set out to do.