Vaccaghja bergerie

The eighth accommodation along the route, Vaccaghja is a half day walk from Castel di Vergio. This is a privately run accommodation and for the most part it caters for groups. Although it doesn’t usually accept individual walkers, they do sometimes make an exception.  Manganu refuge, is situated directly opposite, on the other side of the Camputile plateau.

Vaccaghja is home to a shepherd called Noel, he follows the age old tradition of the transhumance, bringing his goats up to the high plains each summer. It is worth taking the time to call in, you can buy refreshments, snacks and cheese.

The layout in all the bergeries is the same. You can see the main cabin which is the living quarter, bedroom and kitchen. There are always small ‘casgile’ dotted about which are natural fridges for cheese storage, often built in stone against the cliff side for freshness and a small opening to crawl into. There is always fresh spring water and woodland in the vicinity of a bergerie. You will see the milking areas, when it’s for ewes it’s called the ‘Chjostra’ and when it’s for goats, it’s called the ‘Mandria’