GR20: hiking in Corsica from North to South

The GR20 is announced as one of the toughest in Europe great hiking trails (but also one of the most beautiful). It takes 16 days for a classic hiker, due to a step-by-day. North of the GR20, you will face very technical passages (sometimes on a steep trail), while in the south, the roads are less rugged and hilly terrain less. If you want to go after this wonderful hike in the heart of the Corsican mountains, it is important to prepare your GR20, analyze the steps to reserve the shelters and prepare your equipment.

This site allows you to find all the information for a successful GR20. However, remember that hiking in Corsica in high mountain passes and requires a good physical condition. Do not leave without preparation, multiply the sources of information, and make sure you have at least the guidebook. To enjoy your GR20, you can also avail the service of a guide.