State of the Refuges

The stone base layer, is what exists today of Carrozzu refuge. The above floor is the proposed design for the modernization.


The renovation of the refuges has been a subject of conversation for years. The small structures were not built to welcome such a volume of walkers and the kitchens were never designed for a guardian to prepare and sell food.

It was announced in the local newspaper, Corse Matin, that the Regional Park, the Le Parc Naturel Régional de Corse (PNRC) are starting the project with the renovation of the first two refuges in the North, Ortu du Piobbu and Carozzu. The sum of money needed to renovate these two structures is estimated at 1.5 million euros each. The EU will be financing 650,000 euros per refuge of this colossal sum.

The architectural project is in the hands of a Corsican based company, called Orma Architettura. The renovation of these old small structures is considered urgent, as well as having a design that is in keeping with the environment, it’s urgent to provide  accommodation and a service that corresponds to the expectations of  walkers.

It is worth remembering that the guardians are not responsible for the limited resources that they are, at present, having to work with. Thanks to their perseverance and hard work during the season, they enable us to walk without having to carry a monster backpack.


State of the Refuge

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List of equipment to bring to do GR20.

Eat and drink on the GR20

All the information you need, to find where to eat and drink on the GR20, restaurants, small shops, shepherds with cheese and sausage.

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In which direction?

In Which Direction. North to South, or South to North.

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The single most important equipment choice you make before leaving has got to be the choice of shoes.

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Planes, buses, taxis: transport to join the departure of the GR20.

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How to calculate the price for your GR20, how much does it all cost, the refuges, the food, a coffee...

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The best maps of the route are produced by the IGN (Institut Géographique National) at a scale of 1:25,000.

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Is the GR20 for you?

The GR20 is certainly one of the hardest long distance walks out there. Several factors contribute to this, the rough rocky terrain, the unpredictable weather and micro climates.

State of the Refuge
State of the Refuges

The stone base layer, is what exists today of Carrozzu refuge. The above floor is the proposed design for the modernization.

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Authorised or not on the GR20

The GR20 is protected by the Parc Naturel Régional de Corse. With such a large volume of people every year, there are certain rules in place to protect the area.

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Electricity on the GR20

How about electricity on the GR20?