Is the GR20 for you?

The GR20 is certainly one of the hardest long distance walks out there. Several factors contribute to this, the rough rocky terrain, the unpredictable weather and micro climates. The minimalist accommodations that are not located at regular distances.   


Can you evaluate your fitness?

When asked to evaluate our level of fitness, we tend to compare ourselves with the circle of friends and colleagues around us. Below are some questions you could think about to assess if it’s the right walk for you.


Do you have any relevant walking experience, in terms of stamina, ability and confidence?

You should be able to walk 3h00  steeply uphill, followed by a 3h00  descent on rocky ground, whilst carrying a rucksack of around 10+ kilos.  You need to be at ease scrambling, walking on scree and large blocks. Below are some relevant uk walks.

Ascending Snowdon by Grib Gock.

Descending from Blencathra in the lakes by Sharp Edge.

Scrambling along the Aonach Eagach ridge in Glen Coe.


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Are you sure footed, can you progress at a reasonable pace when going down steep hills?

This is one point people often don’t think about, the rocky downhill sections. By training to walk downhill, you get to know where to put your feet and build up ankle strength.  Aim to walk downhill at a good pace whilst staying in control. Know how to use  two walking poles they are absolutely essential and will reduce the shock on your legs. 


Do you have the right shoes and the right gear?

Choosing the correct shoes is vital, they are the most important item of your kit. They must be properly fitted (a size bigger than your normal day shoes.) The sole mustn’t be worn, it must have excellent grip. You need either a lightweight, waterproof, supple walking boot, with ankle support. Alternatively, a fell, or trail shoe, provided you are used to them and have the necessary ankle strength. Know and wear your gear before you come, this includes the rucksack.


Are your shoes in good condition?

The life span of boots/shoes is short. Don’t come with worn soles and loose stitching. Your shoes MUST have a good grip vibram sole.


Do you presently practice an aerobic activity regularly, at least 3 times a week?

It is important to be fit and practice an aerobic activity right up to your departure date. It is preferable to be able to do 300m ascension in 1 hour comfortably ie whilst chatting.


Do you have an injury?

If you have an injury it is likely that it will  get worse during your trip, don’t risk it.  The trip is hard enough and you should start out pain free, without an injury.

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Weather Alerts

Recognise the different warnings


List of equipment to bring to do GR20.

Eat and drink on the GR20

All the information you need, to find where to eat and drink on the GR20, restaurants, small shops, shepherds with cheese and sausage.

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In which direction?

In Which Direction. North to South, or South to North.

Shoes on the GR20

The single most important equipment choice you make before leaving has got to be the choice of shoes.

Gr20 transport
Transport : join the GR20

Planes, buses, taxis: transport to join the departure of the GR20.

Budget gr20
How much does it cost?

How to calculate the price for your GR20, how much does it all cost, the refuges, the food, a coffee...

Carte haut asco tighjettu
IphiGénie and maps

The best maps of the route are produced by the IGN (Institut Géographique National) at a scale of 1:25,000.

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Is the GR20 for you?

The GR20 is certainly one of the hardest long distance walks out there. Several factors contribute to this, the rough rocky terrain, the unpredictable weather and micro climates.

State of the Refuge
State of the Refuges

The stone base layer, is what exists today of Carrozzu refuge. The above floor is the proposed design for the modernization.

Gr20 balises
Authorised or not on the GR20

The GR20 is protected by the Parc Naturel Régional de Corse. With such a large volume of people every year, there are certain rules in place to protect the area.

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Electricity on the GR20

How about electricity on the GR20?